Romantic Fiction

The Legend of the Gypsy Hawk

'Come then, and I’ll tell you the tale of the Gypsy Hawk and her wily captain – the infamous Zachary Hazard …’

 To Amelia Dauphin, freedom is her most prized possession and she will stop at nothing to keep it. Daughter of a Pirate King and the youngest captain in her father’s fleet, she lives on the island of Ile Saint Anne, where pirates roam free and liberty reigns.
 Zachary Hazard, captain of the Gypsy Hawk, hasn’t been seen on Ile Saint Anne for six years but his reputation precedes him. To Zach, liberty is the open water and he has little time for the land-bound pirate island. But when he hears that Amelia’s people could be in danger, he has no choice but to return. And what begins then is a desperate fight for freedom and a legend in the making …
A swashbuckling pirate adventure. Pirates of the Caribbean for adults with a sizzling romance at its heart!

Available now from and ($3.99/£2.99)


  1. If only you could write a romantic Sam/Jack novel! Darn show! Darn no 3rd Jack-centric movie that was going to show they were together. Grrr! You should turn that script into a book! MANY fans would buy it! ;)

    1. Oh, I'd love to novelize that script! I'm not sure MGM own it, however. :( But there's always fanfic, right? And I do have a long S/J fic that's almost ready to post over on AO3. Look out for it in a couple of weeks. It's pretty much novel length!

  2. Darn it, my reply went away! I'm waiting for my invite to come from AO3 so I can do some of the prompts. I post on as ShoeQueen.


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